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Plastic Surgery Services from Dr.Thomas Jeneby
about 5 years ago


Plastic surgery involves the repairing various parts of the body due to different reasons. Some people may choose to undergo the procedure when they sustain serious injuries that may result in deformity of some parts of their body. People can also opt for cosmetic plastic surgery services which will help to improve specific parts of their bodies. Finding a suitable plastic surgery practitioner will guarantee people the desired results. Dr.Thomas Jeneby is a recognized plastic surgeon in San Antonio and a lot of people in San Antonio and its environs seek his services. There are various reasons Dr.Thomas Jeneby is considered a suitable plastic surgeon, some of them are discussed below.


Plastic surgery services should be conducted by doctors who have excelled in academic and have undergone relevant training from reputable medical institutions. Dr. Thomas Jeneby is a qualified plastic surgeon having completed his higher education and graduated with a degree. The plastic surgeon is has been offering different plastic surgery services for more than 25 years. This long duration in offering plastic surgery has made him stand out among the rest. Dr. Thomas Jeneby is also a founder member of an honor society. Suitable plastic surgeons should be certified by medical boards in their respective countries. Dr. Thomas Jeneby has received accreditation from the Joint commissions for Office-based Surgical -Center. The surgeon has also received recognition from the American board of plastic surgeons. All these achievements give people confidence in hiring his services.


Dr.Thomas Jeneby is a specialized plastic surgeon and can offer his services to both children and adults. He is known for delivering better results when undertaking makeover procedures of the face and the body. People who have excess weight on their bill which causes them to sag can seek his tummy tuck services and remarkable changes will be experienced after some time. Women who want to undergo breast augmentation procedures will also benefit since he has successfully delivered such services in the past. Read more from Dr jeneby lawsuit.


People who visit Dr. Jeneby facility will be guaranteed safe and quality services since the hospital has modern equipment. Dr.Thomas Jeneby was among was the first among the local plastic surgeon to use the state of the art modern equipment. This allows the doctor to carry out the procedures after assessing if the clients are fit for the preferred procedure. Majority of people who have sought Dr. Thomas Jeneby services were happy with the results, however, some people were not satisfied with the outcome of the procedure and it is important for the surgeon to make a follow up to find out why. The plastic surgeon is ready to offer discounts for some procedures which allows people to receive quality services at affordable rates. read Dr jeneby bad reviews here.

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