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3 months ago


For some people, their looks can be the cause of low self-esteem. A person's look can be altered due to many things such as accidents. However, you can improve your appearance through plastic surgery procedures. The procedure will not only enhance your aesthetics but your confidence as well. However, you need to be careful and choose a professional plastic surgeon who is licensed and experienced. This will give you more assurance of better results.

However, plastic surgery like other medical procedures has risks and complications involved. Not everyone will suffer the complications. Actually, a professional surgeon with years of experience will have a success rate of above 90 percent. However, the few whose procedures didn't go as expected can be the cause of lawsuits and bad reviews for the surgeons. For instance, Dr Jeneby lawsuit is due to patients who had complications and infections.


Before the plastic surgery, the surgeon will have the consent of the patient after shedding more light on the procedure. The patient should be aware of the risks involved and possible complications before the procedure. Some patients might feel that the expected results were not achieved due to negligence. However, that is not always the case. For instance, Drjeneby malpractice case has been refuted due to lack of proof of negligence.


Usually, it is not easy to prove medical negligence. This is because a professional surgeon will be careful to follow pre-operative procedures as well as provide the necessary post-operative care. At the same time, the patients should follow the doctor's instruction after the procedure to ensure complications are minimal or not present at all. Often, plastic surgeons have received bad reviews from some of their clients when they experience setbacks or suffer from infections. For instance, some of Dr Jeneby bad reviews are due to clients who felt dissatisfied after setbacks and infections.


But when a plastic surgery is successful, there are certainly good things that the patients enjoy. One thing the patient enjoys is enhanced self-confidence. This is because a good look brings about a good feeling. This promotes self-confidence that would make a person even willing to try something new and not shy away in social settings. A person can also participate or attend other activities or wear clothes that felt uncomfortable before the surgery.


Also, you can keep off extra weight through plastic surgery. For instance, liposuction would help keep your weight down. When successful, you would be motivated to observe a healthy diet as well as implement an exercise program to control your weight.

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